Half-Court Press: Fleur Kuijt



7. Fleur Kuijt (Netherlands)
Fleur Kuijt dreams of playing one day alongside her two sisters, Sonja and Karin.

FIBAEurope.com submitted Netherlands shooting guard Fleur Kuijt to its Half-Court Press just after her team's Qualifying Round opening game against the Czech Republic.

Fleur is the third of the Kuijt sisters to appear in a European Championship, averaging 8.0 points and 3.5 rebounds in the first four games of the U16 European Championship Women. She had already featured in last year's edition in Cagliari, finishing the tournament with an average of 2.9 points and 1.6 rebounds.

FE.com: Which part of training do you like less?
Fleur Kuijt: The warm up, because I have to do it in every practice and every game ... It's boring.

Who is the most mature of your teammates and who is the most ... childish?
Fenne van der Wielen is the most adult of us and Debora Vos definitely the most childish.

How did your team spend the free day?
We were separate, each one of us spending the day with parents and family, just resting.

What's your first basketball memory?
My mom played for a long time and I remember watching her games.

Your older sisters, Karin and Sonja Kuijt, already have experience in European Championships, what was their advice for you?
They told me to keep my head up, even when the results aren't so good.

Have you ever dreamt of playing in a EuroBasket Women with both of your sisters in the national team?
Yes, it would be very nice and I would love it.

As your parents are also connected with basketball, do you ever talk about anything else at home?
Oh, yes, we talk about school and everything ... But the main subject is definitely basketball.

Which was the best basketball game you've ever watched?
I saw a game, back in the Netherlands, where with one second to play, one team had only three players on the court, and they managed to make the final shot and win the game. That was amazing.

Who is your favourite player?
I have two favourite players. My sisters.


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