Arena Rules

Basketball Arena Rules FIBA Europe Competitions

1. General
The following provisions set forth the general rules and conditions that apply to all persons attending Official Competitions of FIBA Europe ("Basketball Arena Rules").
The Basketball Arena Rules apply as soon as a person enters the premises in which an Official Competition of FIBA Europe will occur ("Arena"). They shall remain in full force and effect until such person left the Arena.
The full text of these Basketball Arena Rules shall be available at the ticket sale offices, shall be displayed at the entrance of the Arena and may also be inspected and downloaded from [event website].
If a person violates these rules, he/she shall be subject to a sanction to be imposed by police officers, other assigned officers, security guards and/or other duly authorised security personnel. Such sanctions may be (i) a reprimand or (ii) the eviction from the Arena. If a person is evicted from the Arena, he/she shall lose any right to re-enter the Arena on the same day and shall have no right to reimbursement of any costs and expenses incurred in relation with the respective event, including but not limited to ticket costs.
Persons who are banned by the authorities from attending sporting events are forbidden to purchase tickets or to enter the Arena.

2. Security
2.1 As a condition for admission, all persons attending a match of an Official Competition of FIBA Europe must at any time:
(a) Follow the rules and instructions of the police officers, other assigned officers, security guards and/or other duly authorised security personnel;
(b) Bear a valid admission certificate (ticket) and an official document with a photo allowing identification;
(c) Consent to controls, body searches and seizure of objects that are not allowed by law or these Basketball Arena Rules.
2.2 Persons under the influence of alcohol, narcotics or any behaviour-modifying substance shall not be admitted to the Arena.
2.3. Persons carrying one of the following items shall not be admitted to the Arena:
(a) Any kind of weapon or objects that might be used as weapons regardless of form and substance;
(b) Any object, material or substance that might pose a threat to the security, public order or the uninterrupted progress of the game or that might cause any harm to other persons or damage to any objects;
(c) Any kind of flammable/explosive substance, liquids or gases or other flammable substances including but not limited to fireworks;
(d) Alcohol, narcotics or any behaviour-modifying substances;
(e) Any kind of posters, banners, plates, clothes etc. that have a commercial/promotional content or that contain statement or messages that are malicious, aggressive, agitating, political, racist or religious;
(f) Flags, flagpoles, banners, posters, signs, hats, inflatable objects that might disturb the order or safety, or that might obstruct the view of other persons;
(g) Any animals, except for guide dogs necessary to accompany handicapped people provided that their presence had been agreed with the organiser prior to the match;
(h) All other objects and substances that might endanger security, public health, public order and/or the reputation of FIBA Europe or the Local Organising Committee.
2.4 Smoking is not allowed in the Arena, except in specially designated areas, if any.
2.5 After entering the Arena, persons shall not be allowed to:
(a) Throw an object or a substance, or to set such object or substance on fire;
(b) Act aggressively in a way that may jeopardise security, public health, public order, the uninterrupted continuation of the match or the reputation of FIBA Europe and the Local Organising Committee;
(c) Make any declarations, statements or other actions that show a certain national, political, religious, ethnic or racial attitude or, belief or that may trigger violence, racism, religious disputes or xenophobia;
(d) Threaten his/her or the others' lives and health and do harmful acts of an offensive nature;
(e) Climb on the seats or any other structure inside the Arena;
(f) During the matches, stay in an area not designated on the ticket, including any aisles or the areas alongside the basketball court.

3. Recordings
3.1 Any person attending a match expressly acknowledges that it is not a public event and that the event may not be recorded in any way.
3.2 To the extent permitted by applicable law, any person attending a match agrees that use may be made in perpetuity, free of charge or any compensation, of his/her voice, image, photograph and likeness by means of live or recorded video display, broadcast, streaming or other transmission or recording, photographs or any other current and/or future media technologies (now known or hereinafter invented and/or devised), and irrevocably consents to the use of such voice, image, photograph or likeness by FIBA Europe or third parties authorised by FIBA Europe to use such media. Each person waives all rights and actions seeking to oppose such exploitation, subject to applicable law. FIBA Europe (and third parties authorised by FIBA Europe with respect to the use of such media) shall be bound by, and comply with, all applicable laws with respect to any use they may make of such media.
3.3 Persons may not record or transmit any sound, moving or still image or description or any result or statistic of the match other than for private use. It is strictly forbidden to disseminate any sound, moving or still image, description, result or statistic of the match, in whole or in part, for any sort of public access, irrespective of the transmission form, whether over the internet, radio, television, mobile phone, data accessory or any other current and/or future media (now known or hereinafter invented and/or devised). Persons may not assist anyone else to conduct such activities.

4. Prohibitions of Marketing Activities
4.1 Persons may not engage in any form of activity which may result in an unauthorised commercial activity inside the Arena including but not limited to an unauthorised association with FIBA Europe and its commercial partners.
4.2 Persons are strictly prohibited from using, wearing, possessing or holding promotional or commercial objects and materials, or offering to sell, selling or possessing with the intent to sell drinks, food, souvenirs, clothes, or other promotional and/or commercial items within the Arena. All such items may be removed or confiscated by the competent authorities.
4.3 Persons are strictly prohibited from providing any type of commercial service or from undertaking any commercial promotions in the Arena.

5. Liability
5.1 In the event of the emergency visitors shall remain calm and follow the rules and instructions given by the police officers, other assigned officers, security guards and/or other duly authorized security personnel. Otherwise the LOC bears no responsibility for unfavorable consequences for visitors' lives, health and property.

5.2 In case a visitor violates the fire safety rules and that caused the operation of the fire alarm system (including those caused by smoking in the Arena) the LOC bears no responsibilities for the breakdown of the event due to the emergency evacuation.

5.3 The LOC bears no responsibilities for any harm to life, health and property of a visitor if that harm was caused by the violation of these rules by a visitor.


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